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Edinburgh Dermatopathology Tutorial


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The Edinburgh Dermatopathology Tutorial is an annual course designed to provide a practical approach to different topics in Dermatopathology, delivered by extensive self-study of a large and varied selection of cases using virtual glass slides. Attendees will be invited to view over 60 challenging and instructive cases ahead of the meeting using scanned virtual slides made available through a web server.  The cases will be discussed at the course by our group of internationally renowned tutors. Discussion will be based around the individual diagnosis in the broader context of differential diagnosis. In a relaxed atmosphere participants will be encouraged to participate in the discussion. Electronic copies of all case discussions and lectures will be made available after the course. The course is suited to Pathologists with an interest in Dermatopathology as well as practising Dermatopathologists and Dermatologists and Pathologists in training preparing for the British Diploma, the International Board Certification and/or the American Board examination in Dermatopathology.
Dr Thomas Brenn
Department of Pathology,
Alexander Donald Building, 1st Floor
Western General Hospital,
Crewe Road,
Tel:                  +44 (0)131 537 1957
Fax:                +44 (0)131 537 3618
Email:             t_brenn@yahoo.com
For more information: Edinburgh Dermatopathology Tutorial
ePay is the University of Edinburgh's Online Store which is used to register and pay for the tutorial. Before you can register and pay for the tutorial you need to set up an account on the University of Edinburgh's ePay system. An email will be sent to you once you have successfully registered and paid for the tutorial. If you have not received an email then your tutorial registration has not been successful. Please contact Kate Britton (k.britton@ed.ac.uk) if you have any issues with your Edinburgh Dermatopathology Tutorial registration.
Dermatopathology 2017 registration is open
Dates for the 2017 tutorial - 8th and 9th June 2017


Website: www.path.ed.ac.uk/teaching/edinburgh-dermatopathology-tutorial 


To book: www.epay.ed.ac.uk/conferences-events/college-of-medicine-and-veterinary-medicine/school-of-molecular-genetic-and-population-health-sciences/pathology/fully-booked-8th-edinburgh-dermatopathology-tutorial-2017


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