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Common Infections - British Hair & Nail Society

I) Bacterial.

Swelling, redness and tenderness of the nail folds (edges) after a localised infection. They can be acute or chronic and require a combination of general habitual hand-care measures and sometimes antibiotics to treat.


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II) Fungal.

A very common condition. Causes a variety of appearances. Usually not harmful to your general health. Many times they can be difficult to treat. Infections in all but the top layer of the nail may require oral anti fungal agents. This will usually require a visit to your doctor to take a sample of the nail for fungal analysis before the medication is prescribed. For some people this can be a recurrent issue.


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III) Viral: Warts.

Warts are a very common type of viral infection (commonly known as verrucas seen on the feet) and can occur anywhere on the body. When they occur in proximity to a nail, they can lead to thickened patches of skin. These can be occasionally uncomfortable. They can be very difficult to treat, but many settle over time.


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