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Support Groups - British Hair and Nail Society

Alopecia UK

Alopecia UK online support group with up to date information on treatments, regional patient support groups, wig and cosmetic suppliers and chat room.


Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation

The website for the Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation which provides information and support groups for patients with scarring alopecia.


Alopecia Awareness

Based predominantly in the North East of England, BeBold provide great support for suffers around the UK.


Alopecia World

A social networking site dedicated to people with Alopecia.


Alopecia Help & Advice

Providing support and information for anyone suffering the effects of Alopecia in Scotland.


Alopecia Ireland

Set up in 2004, Alopecia Ireland aims to provide support for those with alopecia and their families and to promote the awareness of alopecia in Ireland.


The British Skin Foundation

A registered charity that works closely with the British Association of Dermatologists and is involved in research and development into alopecia. They also work closely with many patient support groups including Alopecia Awareness.


Skin Care Campaign

An umbrella organisation that represents the interests of everyone in the UK with skin diseases. There are many members of this organisation, which is a registered charity including Alopecia Awareness.


Conference Reviews

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