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Patient Information Leaflets

Camouflage for hairloss

Will concealers affect my hair or skin condition?

None known but, if using coloured shampoos and mousses, care should always be taken to strictly follow manufacturers’ instructions and these products may stain the skin.

How should I apply concealers?

See remarks on the individual types of concealer above.

What are the side effects of concealers?

None are known for creams, waxes and fibres. With shampoos, coloured mousses and setting lotions, if the hair has been previously chemically treated, such a s with permanent waves,coloured (semi or permanent) or bleached and the hair has become more porous, then there is high risk that the hair will absorb the colour and therefore not easily be removed by shampooing. As with any product, please read the manufacturers’ information provided with your camouflage concealers.

Is there anything I should do or avoid whilst applying concealers?

Once concealers have been applied, then you should avoid over handling of the hair and scalp by running your fingers or combs through your hair, as this may remove some of the camouflage

When should you not apply concealers

Do not apply If you have any open wounds, infectious conditions or have been advised not to do so by your doctor, dermatologist or trichologis

Where can I find out more about camouflage concealers?

If you would like any further information about camouflage concealers please look on the Institute of Trichologists’ website www.trichologists.org.uk for contact details for your nearest registered Trichologist.

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