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Contact Details:

Name:Claire A Higgins

Address:Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College Royal School of Mines

County:South Kensington

Postal Code:SW7 2AZ




Summary of Research

The main focus of the research group is to understand mechanisms of tissue follicle development, and regeneration, both in normal conditions, and in response to disease or injury. The hair follicle is used as a model, as it is an accessible and elegant system to study organ regeneration.

We routinely isolate hair follicle cells from skin biopsies, and use a number of cell culture models within the lab to study cell signalling and cell interactions. We are interested in understanding the origin of signals, and the behaviour of hair cells in response to these signals; can every cell respond to a specific signal, or are there epigenetic differences between cells which lead to a differential response? Other questions being addressed in the lab include understanding how these signalling networks are impacted in skin aging, or with disease.

Current Research Interests

  • Hair follicle development and cycling
  • Hair follicle induction/regeneration
  • Skin wound healing/pressure sores
  • Organisation of skin pattern
  • Androgenetic alopecia, and skin aging
  • Dermal papilla as a signalling niche
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