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I trained at St George's Hospital Medical School and completed my Dermatology training in some of the most ethnically and culturally diverse areas of North and East London. I have been an NHS Consultant Dermatologist since 2012 and am based at the Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust in Hackney, East London where I lead a fortnightly specialist hair clinic. My interest in hair disorders started from a chance meeting with Dr Paul Farrant in 2010 on his return from a hair conference in Australia. I subsequently organised my own clinical experience with Drs Paul Farrant and Andrew Messenger to enhance my growing interest in hair disorders. Due to the large West Indian population in East London, my particular interest lies in Afrotextured hair types and conditions unique to this subgroup of patients. I am on the Medical advisory board for the patient support group Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF) and helped to establish the London division of the group in 2013.
Hair and scalp disorders form a small but important subspecialty of Dermatology, encompassing conditions which carry significant psychosocial impact. Thus far, funding for research in this area of Dermatology has been limited.
Through the British Hair and Nail Society (BHNS) and its official affiliation with the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD), we hope to raise public awareness, provide support for patients and drive future research to advance the understanding of and improve treatments for hair disorders.

INTEREST: Dermatologist with special interest in hair and scalp disorders.


  • Hospital Name: Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Address: Homerton Row, Hackney
  • Country: London
  • Postcode: E9 6SR
  • Sources of Referral: GP, dermatologists, secondary and tertiary referral
  • NHS Secretary Name: Agatha Mitchell
  • Phone: 0208 510 7690
  • Email: agatha.mitchell@homerton.nhs.uk


  • Clinical/Hospital Name: The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic
  • Address: 144 Harley Street
  • Country: London
  • Postcode: W1G 7LE
  • Sources of Referral: Self referral, GP, specialist
  • Private Secretary Name: Rachel Thomas
  • Phone: 0845 154 3260
  • Email: info@hs-dc.co.uk
  • Fax: 0845 154 3261
  • Web: www.theharleystreetdermatologyclinic.co.uk


  • Clinical/Hospital Name: Skin360Clinic
  • Address: 144 Liverpool Road, Islington
  • Country: London
  • Postcode: N1 1LA
  • Sources of Referral: GP, self referral, specialist
  • Private Secretary Name: Dianna Simms
  • Phone: 0207 607 5111
  • Email: info@skin360clinic.com
  • Web: www.skin360clinic.com
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