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Dr Sharon Wong

Since becoming a consultant dermatologist in 1999 I have run a specialist hair clinic at the Southern General Hospital. The clinic aim is to provide specialist investigation, diagnosis, management and support for those experiencing hair loss disorders. Running in parallel with the Hair Clinic, is a treatment service run by experienced dermatology nurses. This provides treatments such as diphencyprone (DCP),intralesional steroid injections and advice on wigs, hairpieces and hair loss camouflage.

Hair loss disorders can be extremely distressing but are generally poorly understood and treatments are limited. I am actively involved in research into hair disorders and am keen to promote collaborative research which might lead to a better understanding of the causes of hair loss and to better treatments.

I am a member of the British Hair and Nail Society and am currently society Secretary. I am also a member of the European Hair Research Society, British Association of Dermatologists and the Scottish Dermatological Society.

INTEREST: Dermatologist with special interest in hair and scalp disorders

  • Hospital Name: Southern General Hospital (Hair Clinic)
  • Address: 1345 Govan Road
  • Country: Glasgow
  • Postcode: G51 4TF
  • Sources of Referral: tertiary (NHS GG&C patients)
  • A GP or tertiary for patients outwith NHS
  • A GG&C area (tertiary preferred)
  • NHS Secretary Name: Ms Anne Flynn
  • Phone: 0141 211 4297 (Glasgow Royal Infirmary)
  • Email: Anne.Flynn@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
  • Fax: 0141 211 4663
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