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Who to see about my scalp/hair problem.

Simple scalp problems like a flakey, dry or itchy scalp can often be self managed with over the counter shampoos and hairdressers, pharmacists or your local GP may be able to offer advice. Your GP may also be able to give advice on common hair loss problems like alopecia areata, hair shedding and genetic hair loss.

Trichologists are people that specialise in managing hair and scalp problems and will often have far more time to address the problem than your GP. Trichology is not regulated and there is no restriction on who can call themselves one or any necessity to have any formal medical qualification. The institute of trichology offer formal training and keep a register of practitioners who have completed their training programme.

In the UK the medical management of more severe scalp and hair loss problems comes under dermatology, the branch of medicine that deals with the skin, hair and nails. As medical doctors, a similar approach is taken to other medical disciplines, based on history, examination and investigation. This may include scalp biopsies so the actual hair follicles can be investigated. (Insert link to specialists).

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